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The MPP Experience

My Platinum Power (TM) is a personal, self-directed successful ageing toolkit for older adults that works on a mobile phone, tablet or computer. It is designed to change how people think about ageing and to empower older adults to age well.

For only a minute or two each day, over a short period of time, users develop a vivid profile of their ageing “power.” Because the toolkit features witty, entertaining and thought-provoking experiences, users will want to come back regularly to use it again and again in the same way people play games – for fun and personal benefit.

The MPP Model for Ageing Well

An image of My Platinum Power Wheel

Over time, our learning engine will develop a personal, private profile of each user and provide feedback on building up each of the 12 powers. The MPP experience begins with a quick 36-question life review to produce a radial pie chart diagram and call to action.

The 4 Quadrants
  1. Person – being the best you can be
  2. People – being with others
  3. Purpose – being intentional
  4. Pleasure – being happy, having fun.
The 12 Platinum Powers
  1. Body – diet, exercise, appearance.
  2. Mind – mental stimulation, mindfulness.
  3. Health – medical check-ups, behaviours.
  4. Loved Ones – family relationships.
  5. Friends – nurture friends, connections.
  6. Heroes – social sources of inspiration.
  7. Being – meaningful doing every day.
  8. Striving – ongoing self-development.
  9. Memories – legacy, history and past.
  10. Home – personal space and amenity.
  11. Play – hobbies and entertainment.
  12. Adventures – travels, exploration, new

My Platinum Power is the 21st Century tool for empowering what was once called the “silver” stage of life. Platinum doesn’t tarnish, nor does ageing well.

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