Our Mission

Our mission is to empower ageing well through digital innovation.

Why My Platinum Power

There are ever increasing numbers of us over fifty years of age. Studies show, during the early part of our lives, that Australians rank near the top in their own sense of happiness and well-being. Yet, there is a drop in self-perceived contentment once we reach middle age and beyond…

MY PLATINUM POWER (TM) has been developed to address these negative idiosyncrasies in the Australian experience.

My Platinum Power (TM) is a personal, self-directed successful ageing toolkit for older adults that works on a mobile phone, tablet or computer. It is designed to change how people think about ageing and to empower older adults to age well.
Who is My Platinum Power for?

Mid-life and elderly Australians who would like to retain the optimism of their youth, and engage with the never ending possibilities of their lives.


Jeff Brand

Jeff Brand

Professor Jeff Brand is an internationally recognised and nationally awarded career academic in the discipline of communication and media with expertise in quantitative research methodology, an intellectual interest in policy for the digital economy, and leadership experience in tertiary operations and governance.

Lynda O'Grady

Lynda O'Grady

Lynda O'Grady is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, is Chair of the Aged Care Financing Authority and an independent director of the National Electronic Health Transition Authority, amongst other director appointments.